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The Royal Disarray is a graphic novel written and produced by Soltudine Workshop and serves as our pilot project. It’s a multi-chapter 18+ comic featuring both erotic scenes and a dramatic plot.

If politics, diplomacy and war wasn’t enough trouble on its own, the royal blood of the proud kingdom of King Caecus and Queen Regina also have their own intern problems. To the public, the royal family is a perfect example of what the country stands for and protect. But behind closed doors, everyone is hiding their own secrets. One unruly prince in particular is fighting his hardest against anyone realizing his more than platonic relationship to his guard that would surely make heads roll if discovered. But it’s not easy hiding everything for the other staff at the castle and his own family, when they’re already so deeply lost in each other. Especially when his and his guard’s relationship isn’t the only unlawful one going on.

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This is our working process for A Royal Dissaray Chapter 1

We currently have 5/25 amounts of pages fully done.

Our current focus: Sketching the pages out and finishing the already sketched ones

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